Forza Motorsport 7

Price: £39.99

Get it from: Amazon

Platforms: Xbox One, Pc

My Rating 7.5 out of 10

Prices may vary

Forza 7 is a Microsoft exclusive so sorry PS4 fans you cant get this game but don’t worry you have your equivalent and I will be discussing that later. Forza 7 was developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft, this game is a typical racing game but is a ton of fun, I personally love racing games and this is one of the best. There are over 700 cars to unlock and to enjoy, also along with the cars there are over 200 different configurations, wait there’s more!, there are 32 locations to race, so as you can probably tell its a pretty big game with loads to explore and unlock, Exciting Right!!!

The creators of Forza release there games every two years which as I spoke about before is brilliant in my book, you may be thinking this is just a regular car game and to some extent you are right but what makes this game better than most racing games are the huge amount of tasks you can do in game. Along with the size of the game comes graphics and sound. Now I know we are in a age were these two things should be good but believe me they are better than that in fact they are exceptional, if you are a car fan you will adore the noise the cars make and the graphics are out of this world too and I do believe this makes this game better than most of the competition.

Forza 7 also has a on the up multiplayer mode to, there match making has become smoother and a lot easier to find a friend or foe to race with. Forza has a very strong community so finding a game wont be an issue ethier.

And for all the gaming with the family fans, split screen is again offered so take advantage of this for your family nights in or just a pleasant weekend relax with your mates.

The official trailer is below…

 Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Price: £24.20

Get it from: Amazon

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

My Rating 8 out of 10

Prices my vary

Plant Vs Zombies was developed by Popcap Games and published by Electronic Arts, this game is a 3rd person shooter where by you control little plants and little zombies hence the cool and catchy title. There are 14 character classes and over 100 playable characters of which are fully able to level up and make progress in your journey.

The design department have done a excellent job with the look of all the returning characters and the new additions, they seriously have put a lot of effort and time into making these little pesky devils act and play out with there own individual characteristics. They can be funny, narky and even a bit stupid at times. Some of the new character names are as follows,

  • Super Brainz (Zombie)
  • Captain Deadbeard (Zombie)
  • Citron (Plant)
  • Kernel Corn (Plant)

there are some really funny and quirky names to them I must admit.

Unlike the Original Plants Vs Zombies you could only play solo if you were playing a private match but now you can play solo everywhere which is cool for all the lone wolfs out there (hero’s they are). You can play as split screen, multiplayer and private servers, there are also 12 different maps to boot.

Most of the favorite game modes will be returning to this game they include,

  • Gnome Bomb (A game mode where players attempt to secure a bomb strapped to the back of a helpless gnome and detonate at various bases)
  • Cats Vs Dino’s (This is a last team standing style game with no respawn. This is (usually) held once every month from the 2nd Thursday 3PM GMT to the 3rd Monday 3PM GMT)
  • Graveyard Ops ( Graveyard Ops is a cooperative mode where up to four players take control of each of the zombies defending a graveyard through ten plant waves, with the fifth and tenth waves being boss waves represented by a slot machine, hosted by Crazy Dave, either spawning 1-3 bosses, a jackpot, a huge swarm of plants or a Super Boss. After that, they must run to the extraction point and survive until they are saved by Dr. Zomboss)

So my views for this game is simple it’s some of the best fun I have ever had while gaming the game is truly hilarious, the characters make my laugh and the overall game play is tremendous. If your kids are older enough to play this LET THEM they will have hours of fun and to be honest you adults will do to, it is one of the best family games that is on sale today.

The official trailer is below…


 Crash Bandicoot ‘N’ Sane Trilogy

Price £27.99

Get it from Amazon

Platforms: PS4

My Rating 8 out of 10

Prices may vary

CRASH BANDICOOT is such a great game, behind this fun game is the developers Vicarious Visions and the publishers Activision. This game is only available for PS4 players but don’t worry Xbox Fans Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will satisfy you fun gaming needs.

This game is a plain and simple remastered edition of the 3 old games that were released years ago, the cool thing about this remaster is that they have had the great idea to combine all 3 into 1, so you get all 3 classics for that 1 awesome price “BARGAIN”.

The 3 classic games in question are Crash Bandicoot (1996), Cortex Strikes Back(1997) and Warped(1998).

Now back to this charismatic little guy, Crash Bandicoot’s main obsticle is the bad guy Doctor Neo Cortex, this boss is a mad scientist and terrorist who seeks world domination. Cortex is aided by the wicked Tiki mask Uka Uka, Cortex has mutated all the local animals into soldiers to help him achieve that domination, he then creates Crash to help with is dastardly plans but he soon finds out that Crash in unworthy of his services and banishes him from his castle.

Cortex is endangering the islands and crash know’s this so he vows to defeat Cortex what ever the cost, crash and the help of other characters disrupt and reek havoc on cortex’s plans.

This game like I stated before is just a simple remaster but my word has it been worth it, I mean to be able to play possibly the games of your childhood on a next gen console, which then enables you to play with the best graphics of this era, and to then be able to play through those games again and relive them very early gaming memories, YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON THAT!!! But if you had to it is £27,99. LOL

As I like to always mention the target audience for the game and this one is no difference it is clear and simple it’s perfectly designed for family gaming and younger children, I mean most teenagers today won’t of even been born to play the classics so why not start the journey now.

The offcial trailer is below…


Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition)

Release Date is 17th November

Price: £69.99

Get it from: Amazon

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Standard editions are available on all platforms

Prices may vary

So this game in case you are unfamiliar with the series is based off of the Star Wars film franchise, the film franchise had millions of fans so the game as you can probably expect has a pretty huge fan base, now Star Wars battlefront 1 did really well it sold well also around 14 million copies to be exact across all platforms.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is being developed by EA Dice and published by Electronic Arts, it is a story driven single player mode and has  multiplayer character classes unlike Battlefront 1. The game features cross-era characters and locations from previous games and films.

A wonderful plus to battlefront 2 is the DLC content unlike the previous game you will get free DLC throughout the games life span.

The first DLC content will be based of the new film The Last Jedi which is really cool this awesome DLC should be released around December 2017.

So the developers have chosen a more community vibe by giving you free DLC this firmly lets you now when you buy the game you wont have to purchase anything else this should keep people playing and probably gaining a sold following from this nice give back attitude.

If you are a multiplayer gamer and you want to try something different than Call Of Duty and Destiny you should really considor playing this game. The graphics are world class in my opinion the game looks so nice and super fun so try it you just might like it.

The official trailer is below…


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Price: 48.00

Get it from Amazon

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Wii U

My rating 4 out of 5

Prices may vary & other editions are available

Zelda is one of the most famous gaming franchises in the world it is extremely popular with Nintendo fans as there has been a few games prior to this latest and improved game.

The very first Zelda game was released in late August of 1987 it was available on the very old Nintendo Entertainment System or NES as it was more known as. Since then there has been over 19 games since the latest version Breath Of The Wild.

Zelda’s main character is a fellow called Link he is awoken from a 100 year slump by a mysterious voice that guides him to take on and defeat Calamity Ganon before he destroys the kingdom of Hyrule.

This latest part of the Zelda franchise is completely different as it is open world, which means you can roam the kingdom freely. The developers have really forced you try and scavenge and explore the open world thus making there a hell of a lot more to witness and see.

The reviews for this game are outstanding some are saying its “ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME” and that is a huge statement to make.

What makes this so great is the graphics they are just incredible especially for a Nintendo game as they were not renown for there graphics and this was noticed by the fans as the game sold over 4 million copies worldwide which is the best selling title for the console.

The official trailer is below…


I hope you all enjoy browsing over these wonderful games that I have hand picked

If you have any questions at all about anything game related please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thanks again


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5 thoughts on “Games

  1. There are a few games on this list that I am definitely looking forward to playing…

    I only got through the beginning part of the first destiny but I am definitely looking forward to playing Destiny 2… The Forza series has a great car lineup, detailed and in my opinion an overall great racing simulator!

    Don’t know much about middle earth – shadow of war, is this a new series but I do know it is one of many games inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s works on middle earth and is definitely something I would love to learn more about before diving into the game!

    Didn’t think The Evil Within 2 should have made this list?

    1. Hi Salvatore How are you?

      If you enjoyed Destiny 1 then you will love Destiny 2 its a massive improvement and there is so much to do, Middle earth – Shadow of war is the 2nd game in the series as there was a Shadow of Mordor released in 2014, it was a really good high standard game which made the 2nd part highly anticipated you should really look into to it more.

      Thank you for your comment, enjoy the rest of your day


  2. From each game you recommended, I would recommend more Shadow of War and Fifa 2018. Shadow of War is a masterpiece and tells the untold story between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies. Being a big fan of these movies, I would highly recommend it. Fifa 2018 for the good memories of the old Fifas.

  3. If I had a WII switch, I’d definitely play the new Zelda game, I am still having a hard time deciding if I should wait for Metroid Prime 4 or get the switch now. And believe me, I am the type of guy who would buy a switch just to play Metroid Prime 4, The only reason why I have a Nintendo 3DS was just to play Metroid Samus Returns.

    Despite my disagreement on Destiny 2 being on this must playlist, I’d say that these are some pretty sweet games. I also really want to try the new Shadow Of Mordor game.

    1. Hi Jacob 

      The new Zelda game is fantastic you must give it a shot I think it is the best yet plus the reviews are really good too, Metroid Prime 4 won’t be out till early next year so you could wait or you could get accustomed with the console now. 

      If you ever purchase the console let me no what are your thoughts I am interested in how you like it.

      Thanks for your commment


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