PlayStation 4 Officially Licensed Compact Racing Wheel (PS4)

Price: £12.99

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Platform: PS4

My Rating 7 out of 10

Prices may vary

This steering wheel accessory is simple but a great addition to your accessory collection.

If you are a big player of racing games such as Need for speed and Drive club then this is the add-on for you, this turns your basic controller into a fully fledged racing wheel giving you the look and more importantly the control when using it for these types of games.

Once you have added this add-on to your controller just simply go into the game settings that you want play and turn on motion control (tilt to steer function) your new controller turned steering wheel will then make the vehicle turn in the direction you require.

This is a great accessory for kids as racing games is probably all they play at a young age and instead of buying a whole new actual steering wheel component you might want to buy this cheap add-on works just as good and they will love it.

So it’s super simple to set up it looks really nice and light weight too and most of all it works really well with all racing games as long as they have the motion control feature which most games have.

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XBOX ONE Compatible Travel Bag & PS4 Console Carry Case with Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap

Price: £29.99

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Platform Xbox & PS4

My rating 8 out of 10

Prices may vary

This excellent travel bag is one amazing idea..

If you travel a lot or simply just want to move your console from A to B maybe be it just to a friends house then take this magnificent bag into some consideration.

This bag has a main section were you can house your console, there are also 3 decently sized compartments were you can put thumb grips or other little add-on’s you may have.

This bag also has 6 slots were you can put 6 discs of your choice to take on your travels, plus before I forget there is enough space for two controllers too, oh and don’t worry about your Xbox power brick and other cables like HDMI there is a another section on the back were you can place all this good stuff.

The bag is made out of great quality material that can resist water for a decent amount of time but note it’s not water proof, the material is strong and there is plenty of padding that surrounds your console and accessories so don’t worry about it tearing or breaking, the strap is also strong and sturdy too.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock

Price: £19.99

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Platform: Nintendo Switch

My rating 8 out of 10

Prices may vary

Have you got the new Nintendo switch? do you have multiple joy stick controllers? if so take a look at this…

This official licensed Nintendo product can charge upto 4 joy stick controllers simultaneously.

Each controller slot has a a little LED light on the stand at the top all of which will have a different colour for the corresponding level of charge that is left for the individual controller, the colour red means it is still charging green means that the controller is ready to be used.

This charging stand is incredibly easy to use you simply plug in the USB connection into your Nintendo switch then you easily slide each joy controller down on a slot that is free and that is it.

So a wonderful accessory overall that will make sure you have fully charged up controllers so your never not able to play that video game solo with friends or with family.

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PlayStation Camera

Price: £39.99

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Platform: PS4/ PlayStation VR

My Rating 4 out of 5

Prices may vary

This is a excellent accessory for the PlayStation it is a must if you like to play video games virtually or even if you are interested in the idea.

This vital component for virtuality gaming is a must if you have a VR headset, you need this camera to completely add and intensify your virtual gaming experience.

This camera will capture all your movement with help from the duel lenses and 3D depth sensors, this cool technology will fully immerse you into this new and still evolving technology. But the VR headset is not the only device that this camera is great for, your  you can use the move motion joy controllers and even your dualshock controller too, so many various ways to use the motion detectors on a few different devices.

Not only is the camera great for the VR headset it is perfect for general tasks like simply broadcasting your gaming sessions straight to YouTube and Twitch you can also just record and then edit your creations via the share factory app on the PS store.

Along with all the cool stuff I have spoke about this camera can even do voice and face recognition thus giving you all the cool hands free techniques to navigate your PlayStation without much effort at all.

So overall this accessory will completely evolve and transform your PlayStation and take it right into the future with plenty of devices that allow you to use motion rather than the generic analog’s and buttons, it will also give you the accessibility to live Stream and and record all you finest gaming moments and lastly effortless navigation using the voice and face recognition, well worth the look if you are interested.

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Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset (Xbox One)

Price: £234.81

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Platforms: Xbox One/PC compatable

My Rating 5 out of 5

Prices may vary

Are you looking for a headset to take your gaming to the next level? well look no further as this headset is up there with the best.

The Astro A50 wireless gaming headset has so many features that will make you hear the most distint footsteps or the spectacular sound of a car engine grunting.

This headset comes with the excellent and all new Astro base station that has a 5GHZ wireless transmitter that provides a clear path to the headset and will never let you down, Astro also boasts a super long 15 hours of battery life.

One of the main and stand out attributes is the Dolby headset 7.1 surround sound and crystal clear chat levels along with awesome game sounds and this comes from the built in mix amp technology. The included Astro command centre will also allow the most experience gamers to alter settings in every input and output parameter to create there own specific setup.

As you can see the headset looks incredible and the comfort is exceptional to as Astro say gaming for hours wont be a problem, the ear cups provide some of the best noise cancelling attributes in the headset industry you will not be able to hear much outside of the ear cups. The mic has also got nice little feature to go along with the super crisp chat sound and that is the ability to mute your voice, if you simply lift the mic up and away form your lips the chat will be muted, little features like this just scream out outstanding quality and you can believe there has been loads of careful planning that has gone into the making of this headset.

So overall the headset has exceptional sound that is in game sound and chat, along with  great noise cancelling abilities and world class customisation with your settings to make your gaming experience a whole lot better. The headset is superbly made and has a really nice headband and ear cups to give you a really nice feel on your head.

Just a quick note of the contents in this box are…

  • A50 Wireless Headset
  • Mix amp TX and Base Station
  • MixAmp Tx Cables: 1.0M Micro-USB
  • 1.0M TO Slink Optical Cable
  • Headset Cables: 0.5M Micro-USB Cable

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Price: £17.52

Get it from Amazon

Platforms: PS4

My Rating 4 out of 5

Prices may vary

KontrolFreeks are probably the most popular brand that produce thumb grips in the industry they have thousands of variants.

Now this particular thumb grip is for PS4 but there many for Xbox too just follow the links and you can see a vast amount that you can browse and maybe find one that takes your fancy.

Thumb grips are just little add-ons that you simply just attach to your controller analogs. You can get many different designs across many different video game ideas, you can also get them in different heights to suit your gaming playing style, maybe you want the left stick to be raised higher or vice versa. Along with the height you can get them with different concave’s for example the left can be a inner concave and the right can be an outer concave.

Thumb grips are used worldwide from just the casual gamer and on the flip side they are used by many pros, they can considorably help your shooting accuracy for an example and your overall general feel and control will be a lot better.

So overall this little snazzy attachment will help improve you gaming, there are many different designs, heights and concave’s and most importantly there available for any controller that you may possess.

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I hope you all enjoy browsing over these wonderful accessories that I have hand picked

If you have any questions at all about anything game related please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thanks again


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  1. Hey Andy,

    Awesome article, thanks for all those amazing recommendations!

    From the list, I’d say that the XBOX ONE Compatible Travel Bag & PS4 Console Carry Case is by far the most practical one. Lots of useful features, which means that you can carry your gaming with you.

    Any idea of these ship to the EU?

    1. Hi Simon thanks for your comment and I am glad you like what you seen, the answer to question is probably not this particular travel bag is UK only bit there will be varients from your regions Amazon store.

      Thanks again.

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