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Red Dead Redemption – The Trilogy

Red Dead Redemption Article

This article is going to be about the Red Dead Redemption series, I will be traveling back in time to talk and discuss about the older games and hopefully a little bit about what’s to come in the brand new Red Dead game. The new part in the Trilogy will be released in 2018. Get ready Red Dead fans were going back in the past for this one.

Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver was the first game in the Red Dead series, Published by the popular Rockstar Games in 2004, this game was quite unique to say the least. Red Dead Revolver was set in the 1880s and was the epitome of the setting the Wild West in every ones imagination. This stunning game for its time captivated the wild west perfectly. Let me set the scene a little.

Red is the son of Gold ImageNate Harlow, Nate Harlow got shot down by Colonel Daren, he also killed Nate’s wife. Colonel Daren was a man sent from General Diego to kill Nate. This was all over gold that Nate and his partner Griff found in bear mountain. After this shocking scene occurred Red picks up his father’s gun to blow off Darren’s arm but unfortunately Colonel Daren escapes.


After that Red becomes a devastating bounty hunter, Red now goes out into the wild to find and hunt down outlaws that break the law, huge money was on the heads of certain outlaws. A few Missions later and Red quickly finds out that Colonel Daren has survived that murderous ordeal and he vows to take action and one day kill Daren and find justice for his father. Loads of little side missions and less important main missions later Red is on a mission to go and attack the camp were General Diego’s supply wagon is stationed. The supply wagon was indeed their, but after Red destroys it he is captured by the man himself Colonol Daren. A few scenes later with the help of his native American cousin Shadow Wolf they are able to escape. Along with Red an African American Soldier known as the Buffalo Soldier is able to escape two. Now Red is free he is determined to go and attack General’s Fort. Red suddenly finds out the Daren is at this fort and he gets his sweet revenge and kills Colonol Daren. During this encounter the Shadow Wolf Red’s native American cousin dies of wounds he suffered from Daren.

Afterwards the Buffalo soldier goes and makes aware to Governor Griffon of General Diego’s operations. Governor Griffon already know’s “WHY” because it was in fact him who sold out Red’s parents to General Diego. Buffalo soldier is captured during these talks. This forces Red to go at it alone, he intercepts a train with all of General Diego’s gold on aboard. In this major action Red and Diego battle it out, Red wounds Diego, Diego then begs and begs for his life offering Red the world on a stick but Red refuses and kills General Diego.

This game was truly incredible for its time and really captivated the period that was the Wild West.


Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption was set in the early 1900s, this follow up to the previous Red dead Revolver was completely different in its own right. This game was more about gangs rather that actual outlaws, although their are big outlaws in the game. This game was at that period of the turn of the tide in modern technology, Automobiles started to be produced, high powered machine guns were more and more common too. A little brief talk about the story for this game, the main character is John Marston a former outlaw who settles down on a Ranch with his family.

The bureau of Investigation take John away from his family and will only grant him his freedom if he is to cooperate with the bureau and help bring down his former gang to justice. The whole story is basically John tracking down his former gang, he faces hurdles along the way such as being critical wounded by a gang member Bill Williamson on attack he attempted at Fort Mercer. John was aided and set back on his way by a local rancher called Bonnie. While hanging around the ranch John puts together a team of old outlaws and con artists to launch another attack on Fort Mercer once again. The A Team as I like to call them did manage to get into Fort Mercer but then quickly realized Bill has escaped and fled to Mexico in aid and help of his own. John as gone to Mexico and sided with a man called Colonel Agustin Allende of the Mexican army. if John was to help the Colonel with a rebel problem he would in return help with Bill Williamson. Unfortunately for John it doesn’t go as planned in fact Agustin was given Bill protection in Mexico. This information gives John the spur he needs to side with the rebels instead and turn the fighting in their favor. John and the rebels then take the fight to Allende’s Palace, both the colonel and Bill escape but the good news for John and the rebels they are both captured and then intern executed.

Bill And Allende are both dead but this does not mean he is allowed to return to his family, WHY YOU ASK because Ross the head of the bureau has told him he need to kill the leader of his former gang Dutch van her Linde. To cut a long story short John, Ross and some other help track down Dutch and john is able to make him commit suicide of a cliff. BRIEF I KNOW. John is know able to return back to his family and the ranch. He settles down again, but a surprise attack from Ross and other soldiers break all freedom that he received, John manages to kill many men and does in fact get his family safe IF YOU WERE CONCERNED but the next tragic event sees John stay behind to fend of the rest of the men but is killed after all his best efforts. UNLUCKY JOHN YOU DID WELL.

A few years later John’s son Jack manages to track down Ross, and kills him in a duel.Wild West Image



Red Dead Redemption 2

So this game is going to be the third part of the series. What we know so far is that the player will be controlling the character Arthur Morgan a member of the Dutch Van her Linde gang, so in theory it should follow on nicely from the previous part FINGERS CROSSED. This is all we know for now but expect little bits of information coming out over the coming months.

Round up

So that was a little brief snippet into the Red Dead Franchise, the two older games were fantastic I loved playing them and many others did too. The new Red Dead Redemption is highly anticipated so expect big things. Plus Rockstar games don’t mess about. So that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this little recap I can’t wait to get my hands on the game.


Thank you for reading, Enjoy the rest of your day

Your Gaming Space.

8 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption – The Trilogy

  1. Hi Andy,
    First off, great review of the Red Dead Redemption series. For years every time I’d be either in a gaming shop or browsing online this would always come up and I’d be debating a purchase. Now after this article you’ve inspired me. start from the beginning….yes please! I shall be purchasing.

    Thanks again Andy.

    1. Hi Anthony How are you?

      First off let me say thank you for the kind words. Next let me just say that the Red Dead Redemption series are serously underated especially if your into cowboys and the wild west, If you do purchase them let me know what you think in the future, thanks again

      All thr best


  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 looks amazing. Do you think it will have online like Grand Theft Auto V? Me and my crew have all the best tricks and glitches in gta online and would love to bring that over into Red Dead if they offer a huge online mode like that!

    1. Hi Kenuetrecht 

      It seems like your a fan of Rockstar Studios and that is a great question, we dont no much about the release but I can tell you the game will have a new look on the online scene and it may be the best yet. Fingers crossed it can get up to some of the great multiplayer standards time will tell.

      All the best 


  3. Hi Andy, I didn’t even know that there was a Red Dead game before the Red Dead Redemption game that came out for the 360 and ps3. I have had some experience with Redemption, never owned it, but have gotten my hands on it at a friends house. It was interesting, to say the least.

    I do love the wild west setting, it definitely is full of tough brash men, and the atmosphere feels merciless. I do think I will purchase the upcoming Red Dead game when it is out. Rockstar are absolute professionals at their craft, and unlike so many developers these days, Rockstar take their time developing their games, and they don’t care if they have to postpone the release date to make sure that their games are perfect. I have much respect for them.

    1. Hi Jacob 

      Actually the First game was called Red Dead Revolver and the platforms where PS2 and the Original Xbox way back in 2004 the game was released and it really was amazing if you ever get the chance to get your hands on it you should play it.

      Also Rockstar are just perfect most of the times they develop some really exceptional video games

      Thanks for your comment 


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