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Video Game Accessories, – Accessories Can Improve Your Game

Video Game Accessories Are Amazing

Video game Accessories can be a big help to you especially if you desire and crave to get better at playing video games, here are some cool accessories I think are fantastic and actually they could make you better at gaming…

Headsets – Most Essential

My opinion on gaming headsets is that they are a must have, they 100% have improved my all round game, but I know what you’re thinking I take this too serous well for me when I play a video Headsetgame I want to be best I can and my headset helps me tremendously.

First point is an obvious one SOUND I know this may seem a little patronizing but hear me out, without a headset the sound is just in the air it’s all around the room you play in, but with a headset it’s direct to the ear thus enabling you to here foot steps on lets say 1st person shooters this can be the difference between a death or a kill, believe me it works.

Next step and my most important step CHAT, communication is the key to playing better as a team which most games that is a requirement especially when playing with friends, CHAT is imperative to loads of games whether it’s Football games, Racing games and again 1st person shooter games and this last example is were probably it plays it’s part the most, not only does it help in game it will let you talk to your friends just casually which is nice too.

One BIG point I want to make is gaming headsets don’t have to be expensive you can get really good headsets with good quality sound and they can be really comfortable to were too. Although Cheap headsets are great if you really care about your gaming or just simply want to improve then more expensive headsets are the bee’s nee’s, they have noise canceling ability thus meaning you hear nothing outside of the headset which is amazing for you to concentrate on the task at hand. Next the quality of sound is even clearer and smoother making it far superior to it’s cheaper counter parts.

Finally, loads off cool little features can be presented like wireless ability and features like colour glow and even more impressing MUSIC you can play music at the same time as gaming I recommend you don’t play anything to serous with this feature.

Thumb Grips – Do they work?

So thumb grips can be a small or huge improvement. Well it all depends on you this one.

Thumb grips

So thumb grips are little add-ons that you just simply attach to the analogs on your controller, for the most part they are made out of rubber or soft plastic. You can get a variety of images or patterns on them which make them super cool to look at and enhance your pad’s look and feel. You can also get them in a range of sizes like small, medium or large or even more suited to, you can have the left analog small and the right large it’s your choice but options you do have.

In my opinion I hate them for me they put me off and I prefer just to use the stock analogs, for me their more comfortable and my thumbs can move freely. But that’s my opinion I have plenty of friends who swear by them and also most professional gamers can’t play without them.

So like I said before this accessorie is all down to whether you like them or not, one thing I will say is give them a shot they can really help if you find them a good fit.


Scuf Controllers – The Custom Life

Scuf controllers are absolutely brilliant, Scuf controllers are basically a Standard pad made into a hybrid.

You can do so many interesting and cool things with a Scuf Controller things that can potentially change your way of gaming completely.

You can add paddles to the back of your pad and set them to any action you like whether it’s kicking a ball in Fifa or aiming or shooting in a shooting game, this ability will make it extremely easy to do these actions and most importantly a hell of a lot quicker thus giving you the edge on you opponents.

Another cool feature is lowering or hiring the triggers to you liking, this again making it quicker and easier for you to get one over the task you face. Along with hiring and lowering you can also extend, extending can make it more comfortable for bigger hands and also better for your fingers to rest while that trigger is inactive for the time being.

Custom means you can basically do what ever you wan so the sky is the limit, along with the main physical feel of the pad and the way it acts, you can change the colour or the theme of the pad to make it really cool, and you can even include initials and change button colours and my personal fave your analogs can be what I like to call outies and innies (CONCAVES) is their actual name.

You can have anything you want AHHH THE CUSTOM LIFE!!!!!











And There You Have It

So that was a few Accessories that I think can help you improve in gaming, just to reiterate you may not like one of these but don’t knock the others until you have tried them who knows what you can achieve with the right help.

4 thoughts on “Video Game Accessories, – Accessories Can Improve Your Game

  1. Great post, it has been a little while since I have played video games but me and my son use to play all day sometimes. It is nice they came out with a totally customized controller. Makes me want to play again!!

    1. Hi Rodney, How are you

      Thank you for the commemt, you should definitely get back into gamimg it’s a great way to relax and have some fun with your son.

  2. Hi Andy,

    Great article you wrote here. I was wondering if you could recommend a good headset for a beginner gamer like myself. I will be playing on PC and talking to friends while I play.


    1. Hi Keiron, How are you ?

      I personally recommend Turtle beach or Tritans, which you can get from as low as £25 and can go way higher. I personally use the Turtle Beach Recon 50X they are fantastic and cheap to I hope this helps a touch.

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